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Meet Dr. Belle

I'm Dr. Belle, also known as Anabelle Bugatti, PhD, LMFT. While it's truly a blessing to help couples and individuals heal, find success and live their best life through my private therapy practice, I also became passionate about helping therapists acquire the tools and skills they need to also become their best selves as they help others.

As a successful therapist, I know first hand how important it is to continue your ongoing journey of self development and growth. I became passionate about making resources more accessible not just for clients seeking therapy, but also for therapists both in and out of the therapy room. There are many parts of being a therapist that are never taught to us during our graduate programs, such as how to successfully start up and run a business. Developing ourselves personally and professionally are essential to building a thriving professional life, and I'm passionate about helping each other reach their highest potential while making the tools and resources they need affordable and accessible. Don't let yourself believe it can't be done. You too can have the thriving practice you dream of! Contact me to find out how I can help you!

Using Relentless Empathy to Shape Connection

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My most recent publication, Using Relentless Empathy in the Therapeutic Relationship, was written for the busy therapist who needs some powerful reminds to connect to the humanness of themselves and their own clients.

This amazing read offers the convenience of a short, easy read, combined with some powerful information about how to connect with the humanness in our most challenging and difficult clients to build a stronger therapeutic alliance and create a space for change to occur. Not to be missed! Available on Kindle also!

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Click on the Icon to check out my article in Counseling Today, a publication of the ACA

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