We Heart Therapy by Anabelle Bugatti
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We Heart  Therapy

Professional Therapy and Resources By
Anabelle Bugatti LMFT, MS, NCC,
Certified EFT Couples Therapist

Some of the most successful and well received topics include 

  • ​Overcoming Anxiety
  • Boundaries in Business
  • Affair Proofing your Marriage
  • Avoiding Greener Grass Syndrome
  • Building rapport with clients and employees
  • Changing the Climate of your work environment
  • Breaking through Barriers to Success: How to Land your Dream Job

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Motivational Speaker

Get through to your people like only a therapist could. Anabelle Bugatti  Presents a wide variety of engaging, thought provoking, and insightful seminars that will make a huge impact at your next event! 

Corporate events, private and small business organizations and classroom appearances to talk on a number of beneficial topics as only an expert on people and business can deliver.

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