We Heart  Therapy

Professional Therapy and Resources By
Anabelle Bugatti LMFT, MS, NCC,
Certified EFT Couples Therapist

About Anabelle

I am a counselor and therapist in Las Vegas with specializations in helping couples and individuals mend broken relationships, and overcome issues such as chronic stress, anxiety, low self-esteem, or challenges with their personal life. 

I see people when they are usually at their most vulnerable,
and it is an honor to me to be able to help them.

People often ask what led me to become a therapist and counselor, and why I love working on healing relationships.

While I have always had a keen interest in psychology, 

it was my own experience with divorce and remarriage that led me to want to be a counselor and therapist,

specializing in restoring relationships.

With We Heart Therapy I found a way to make sure the people who want to help are getting the right kind of help for them.

Check out the services page and find out what would help you the most.

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